Even with only one transaction completed–the Nortel/Microsoft sale–in these very early stages of the IPv4 market, the window of opportunity will close as quickly as it opens. As a finite resource on the cusp of being replaced by a next-generation version, these addresses can only command top dollar as long as the buyer’s market still feels the panic for a now scarce product…before it becomes obsolete.

We understand also that as a potential seller, in your decision-making process, you may have concerns about safeguarding enough inventory to maintain your business while preparing for the possible migration to IPv6. Let us help you assess your organization’s needs and strategize on the best way to monetize the remaining assets. Our consulting team comes both with tactical skills and technical experience, based on direct participation in the Nortel-Microsoft transaction. Not only can we advise you on strategies, we can also provide hands-on support to ensure a smooth transition well after the sale has concluded.