IP4Group is a leading technology company developing alternative monetization opportunities for corporations. Based on our direct experience and technical expertise and available vast IP address blocks, we will be able to help you match your requirements with that of one of our sellers and will work with you to ensure a seamless transaction.


Even with only one transaction completed–the Nortel/Microsoft sale–in these very early stages of the IPv4 market, the window of opportunity will close as quickly as it opens. As a finite resource on the cusp of being replaced by a next-generation version, these addresses can only command top dollar as long as the buyer’s market still feels the panic for a now scarce product…before it becomes obsolete.

We understand also that as a potential seller, in your decision-making process, you may have concerns about safeguarding enough inventory to maintain your business while preparing for the possible migration to IPv6. Let us help you assess your organization’s needs and strategize on the best way to monetize the remaining assets. Our consulting team comes both with tactical skills and technical experience, based on direct participation in the Nortel-Microsoft transaction. Not only can we advise you on strategies, we can also provide hands-on support to ensure a smooth transition well after the sale has concluded.


Supporting Your Company from Audit to Auction
We provide custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs as a seller or buyer of IPv4 addresses. Some of our services include:

œ Audit then consult on best practice strategy
œ Optimize IPv4 block usageœ Re-IP
œ Transfer registration in RIR database
œ Provide network address translation
œ Identify and prevent poaching
œ Convert from IPv4 to IPv6

œ Establish chain of custody
œ Facilitate transfer from seller to buyer
œ Engage escrow services for the transaction œGenerate all necessary legal documentation

Marketing and Sales
œ Source and match potential buyers to seller
œ Provide auction services
œ Set up an on-line data warehouse for each sale
œ Promote market buzz to optimize sale prices at auction



For all questions pertaining to the IP industry or our services, contact the IP4Group at Info @ IP4Group.com

IP Addresses: The New Commodity

Today’s internet employs IPv4 addresses, which are the fundamental building blocks used in identifying internet devices. There are 232 possible values for this numerical form, and while this translates to a staggering number at approximately 4.3 billion, it is finite. That end is near.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated the last of these 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses to the 5 regional internet registries (RIR) in January 2011. The schedule below projects the depletion dates of these RIRs’ inventories:

The next-generation IPv6 is slated to arrive down the road, but at a high cost to entities that will have to (re)configure their infrastructures to support this new technology. In the meantime, the demand for IPv4 will exceed supply, creating a natural marketplace between sellers– who may be unknowingly harboring a stash of unused or excess IPV4 addresses that could be easily monetized in a private sale or silent auction—and buyers who may find paying for IPv4 assets outright a more cost-effective strategy than waiting for IPv6.

IP4Group is a high-tech consulting firm specializing in matching buyers with sellers of dwindling IPV4 address resources. We deliver technical, legal, and marketing expertise to help clients facilitate the sale, lease, or purchase of these commodities in one seamless, pain-free transaction. Whether your organization needs assistance in capitalizing on your excess IP addresses or in filling a void of the same, our team can offer a customized solution to meet your objective. Our company is founded by professionals with direct experience in the precedent-setting $7.5M Nortel-Microsoft sale of IP addresses. Our mission is bridging the IP address gap.

Contact us at Info@IP4Group.com and let’s begin a conversation about how we can help you divest or acquire this commodity in these pioneering stages of an emerging market